Polish Connections

The 8th February 2010 evening talk, presented by Marta Lisovski and Ann Urushka, was devoted to Poland in regard to their people who resettled in the U.K. and who came to mid-Wales in particular over 50 years ago. We were given much more in words and documents which was so enlightening as to that nation’s tragic history before, during and after the 1939/45 war. This included a remarkable contribution from their guests Dennis and Ewa Bennett, Ewa having been directly involved in the Warsaw Uprising against the occupying enemy in that city. The Club records a sincere thank you to Marta and Ann for the privilege of hearing of this history in such a comprehensive manner.

April 2010 update:

Expression of Sympathy with the people of Poland

Arising from the moving presentation to Cilcennin History Club on the plight of the Polish people during and after the second world war and the close connections between Cilcennin and the large number of Polish exiles, it was appropriate to send condolences on behalf of the village to the people and government of Poland on the loss of their President and others in the recent plane crash.