Archivist talk

The Cilcennin Local History Club, at the meeting of 19th April 2010, enjoyed a most enthusiastic talk from Helen Palmer, County Archivist who initially advised on the location and purpose of the Ceredigion Archives. They are in the old County Offices at Albert Place on Marine Terrace, originally built as the Queens Hotel in 1864, having a public access reference room and staff access storage rooms. Their role is to receive, look after and make available all sorts of records which embody the history of Ceredigion and also offer Census currently for 1841 to 1901 with those for 1911 to be available there shortly.

These records include for example , County Council and local government, schools older records, shipping at the old Port of Aberystwyth, old vehicle registrations and of particular interest to genealogists parish registers and a county wide place indexed memorials record. This list being by no means exclusive, various collections and papers from some county estates and from institutions and individuals are also sought, indexed and made available for public reference.

There followed an interesting and entertaining main part of the talk in hearing of and examining a fascinating selection of social and geographical items relating to Cilcennin.

Our Archivist noted how fortunate history interests are represented in Aberystwyth in also having the Public Library with a Reference collection, the National Library of Wales and the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historic Monuments of Wales; the later not so well known to the public but readily available with a public reference room in their Plas Crug premises.

Members are recommended to the Ceredigion Archives by direct visit to the old County Offices, Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth (opens 10.00 a.m. Monday to Fridays)
Tel: 01970 633697
On-line: (a most interesting website browse)